Monday, May 18, 2009

Carson (my baby boy) will be three tomorrow. He has grown up so fast. His curly head and his big brown eyes are so darling. I remember when I was in the delivery room and I had just had Gavin and I knew at that moment that we had another little one waiting to join our family. I was in no hurry to have another baby, but two years later I felt very strongly that it was time to get pregnant. Now I know that Carson was waiting to join his buddy Gavin. Gavin and Carson have become such good friends that I know he was suppose to come to our family to be with Jacob and Gavin. Jacob is such a good big brother to Carson and Gavin is his playmate. I think Gavin and Carson need each other. Carson has some great big brothers looking out for him.
Caron has been my very best potty trainer!! We went cold turkey a few months ago and he was potty trained in one week!! I had heard stories like this but never experienced it myself. Either I have finally master this potty training thing or he was just ready to be a big boy like his brothers. Maybe it is a little of both. Carson loves it when his brothers get home from school, but while they are gone he entertaines himself pretty well. It is fun to have one on one time with him while the others are at school. He can be demanding, he is two/three. But most of the time he is a doll. His vocabulary is amazing and he knows a lot of his colors already. He likes to strike a pose for no reason and he loves to color and play guitar hero. It is so funny to hear him bust out the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger, Rebel Yell and Crazy Train. I hope we are not corrupting him. Anyway, Happy Birthday little man! We love you!

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